Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 169 - Summer = hot = grilling

When the weather gets hot, the last place I want to be is in the kitchen, so grilling gets real popular around here then. This season's fare will definitely be more interesting with the bucket of "good ol' boy" bbq goodies Lew got for Father's Day from #3 daughter and family.

I'm thinking that Butt Rub should be a real pleasing experience... gastronomicly speaking, of course!! ;)


Desert Songbird said...

Butt rub - Ha! That's a cute name.

It's too dang hot around here to grill. No one wants to stand outside around a hot grill. Consequently, we eat a lot of fruits and salads around here.

Sandie said...

I miss grilling, we used to do it just about every night in the summer, but not so much anymore....may have to grill tonight :)

Gawdess said...

what a great present. and a good shot of it too.

Karin said...

Great present...and the name is too funny!