Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day #258 - Pearl vision??

So, we're taking a leisurely drive 'round and about the countryside, when lo and behold, what to our wondering eyes should appear? No, no, not a tiny red sleigh and eight tiny reindeer... but something equally astonishing! All of a sudden, I see this ship... in the sky! Yep, there she was in all her glory - a replica of the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, sitting on a pole... in the middle of the cornfields of Frederick county!. Just not something one expects to see every day, you know? LOL

So naturally, I took a shot. Haven't a clue what it's all about, but knew it had to be my picture of the day!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

OHMYGOSH, look at that! That's the coolest shot and you've just GOT to see if you can find out the story behind it :)

Desert Songbird said...

How bizarre is THAT?! I'm with Stacy - you HAVE to find out the story behind THAT.