Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 272 - Can you stand another deer pic??

Y'all are going to get sick to death of deer photos, but they finally figured out the obvious so I had to record it. I took them from our bedroom window, so they're not that great, but they're the only ones I took today.

Anyway, while the fence between our yard and the field, rusty, rickety and falling apart as it is, still provides a bit of barrier, my next door neighbor took down some of the fence in his yard so he could tackle the weeds more easily. So, there's a large gap in the fence that's been there for a couple of years. Today these younguns finally figured out they could get to that nice green grass on the other side by just bounding into his backyard... which they could have done ages ago!

If you look closely, you can see red things lying on the ground. My neighbor has an apple tree, but apparently they could care less about the juicy, tender apples and preferred munching on the surrounding vegetation instead.

See Lew's Other Pics for a few more shots.


Desert Songbird said...

No, I'm sick of the deer photos. In fact, I'm enjoying them very much!

Gawdess said...


Denise said...

I for one cannot get enough of deer pictures. This is a great photo.

Hi there, found you through Lew's blog. I can see you take equally wonderful photos. I've had a lovely visit and look forward to coming back.