Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 322 - Backyard beasties

For this week's animal, vegetable, or mineral theme, our resident critters were very accomodating.

In addition to the normal squirrel and blue jay activity, a couple of occasional visitors showed up...

the little guy on the left is a downy woodpecker,

and this red-headed beauty is... are you ready??... a red-BELLIED woodpecker. Go figure, huh?

Lew captured some great bird shots on Lew's Pics.


Karin said...

I actually thought of your squirrels when I was picking the theme this week. I'm glad they cooperated! :)

fishing guy said...

Marianne: What a neat squirrel and the birds are really nice. I did a big squirrel post this past weekend. I stood there and they came to me. I came from Lew's site.